Gifted and Talented

School Definition

Gifted and Talented Kamo Kids are those who show potential for outstanding achievement or have exceptional ability in comparison to their peers.

This can be shown in one or more of the following areas:

  • Environmental action
  • Technological ability
  • Sport and physical ability
  • The Arts
  • e-Learning
  • Cultural traditions and ethics
  • General and specific academic ability
  • Leadership ability
  • Social awareness and action

Providing differentiated programmes and social and emotional support within the classroom and the wider school environment is essential for meeting the needs of these children. The development and demonstration of these abilities needs to be nurtured through a home and school partnership.

Gifted and Talented Identification Process

All students will be surveyed in even years using the school identification documents. These are to be completed in the order of:

  • Parent Survey
  • Teacher Gifted and Talented Identification Sheet
  • Knowing Me Knowing You

Information is to be collated and transferred to the Gifted and Talented Identification Summary Sheet, and entered into Extension Register on the Schools Student Management System. In odd years, only new students to our school (including all New Entrants) teachers will follow the process above.

Student Voice

The school Leadership and Management Team will carry out twice a year a formal process of collecting student voice using the Attitude to Learning survey.

Classroom Application

Each syndicate approaches this in different ways. The Kowhai Syndicate uses their Discovery Time, Rimu Syndicate uses Kidquiry, and Kauri Syndicate uses Genius Hour to cater for individual gifts and talents.

Teachers also work in to their daily planning, differentiation for their Gifted and Talented children across all curriculum areas. To guide teachers through this, teachers use the Kamo Primary School Maker Model.

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The Five components of effective support for Gifted and Talented Students