Home and School

Home and School (PTA) Committee

Who are we?

Kamo Primary School’s Home and School Committee are made up of a small group of Parents/Whanau and Teachers who meet once a month to discuss possible fundraising ideas, progress and development within the school. The current Home and School members are… Adam Groves (Chair Person), Karyn Kruck (Treasurer), Sue Kini (Secretary), Paula Rae (BOT Rep), Ken Ward (Principal) Rosemary Hamer (Staff Rep), Patsy Yearbury, Robyn Cathcart, Richard Soper, Bronwyn Walters, Sarah Hughes (Committee Members)

What do we do?

We work together throughout the year to raise money for the school so our children can have the best possible learning environment. Some projects we have supported are… Heating of the school pool, Class i-pads, Activ boards, hockey turf, playground equipment,  along with our vibrant school hats. The Home and School committee has raised valuable funds through events such as The Family Pool and Movie night, Walkathon, Cadbury Chocolate Fundraiser, Sausage Sizzles, Discos and Raffles to name just a few. One of the larger projects that we have set our sights on is the long awaited junior playground.  I know that speaking to many of you around the school, this is a project that is highly sought after and will be a fantastic asset to our school and wider community.

This year we saw the completion of the heating of the school pool which greatly benefits our children.  Funds raised from the past years Country comes to Town event and Community Evening along with extra funding from The Home and School (PTA) have made this possible.

How can you help?

We would love to have more hands on deck to ensure that we can continue providing KPS with these wonderful resources. We are a vibrant, friendly and fun group of people who have some great laughs together.

We meet in a very casual manner once a month (on a Monday evening at 7pm in the staffroom). We would love to get some fresh ideas/feedback from other KPS Parents/Family Members.

If you are unable to make the meetings but would like to help us out in some way, please let Denise (in the office) know and we will contact you to see where you may be able to help out.

Many hands make light work!